Ravens head coach crashes marriage proposal

Harbaugh Crashes Proposal
Harbaugh Crashes Proposal

For one diehard Baltimore Ravens fan, a big moment ended up being an even bigger one -- when a special guest became part of a marriage proposal.

When David Rudich brought girlfriend Amy Segall to the Baltimore Ravens practice facility to propose, he only planned on popping the question, not running into the team's head coach John Harbaugh, Deadspin says.

He just happened to be walking outside his office. You can see the woman look up and say "Oh, my god, is this a coincidence?" Harbaugh was just as surprised as she was.

As Bleacher Report notes, every engagement should be special, but in this case, the couple definitely won't forget the happy accident.

Although Fansided notes Segall's reaction does beg the question: What was she more excited about? The proposal, or meeting Harbaugh?

CBS reports the couple will be tying the knot next May, not during football season. So who knows? Maybe Harbaugh will crash the wedding, too?

See their reaction to the surprise guest:

Ravens Coach Crashes Marriage Proposal
Ravens Coach Crashes Marriage Proposal