Pick-off trickery leads to high school baseball division win

Pick-Off Trickery Leads to High School Baseball Division Win
Pick-Off Trickery Leads to High School Baseball Division Win

We're drawn to sports because of the drama - and that includes baseball. How can you not get excited by all the home runs, strikeouts, and, in some cases, Academy Award-worthy performances?

As seen on YouTube, the runner on second takes off for third after he thinks the pitcher airmailed a pick-off throw into centerfield. However, this high school pitcher faked the wild throw, hiding the ball instead in his glove before tagging the runner for an easy out.

This key play helped Michigan's Beal City High School beat top-ranked Muskegon Catholic Central to win the division playoffs. The whole team joined in on the act.

Fox News reports the pitcher throwing his hat, the infielders diving and the outfielders scrambling were all extremely convincing touches.

Still Muskegon Catholic Central fought back, taking the game to 10 innings. But Beal City eventually came out with the 3-1 victory.

MLive says Beal City's coach Brad Antcliff gave credit to pitcher Ty Rollin when saying: "We were going to win or lose with him on the mound. I went into today thinking, if Ty has to go 10 innings, you're going 10 innings and Ty accepted that challenge."

According to Antliff, Rollin was even throwing 89 miles an hour in the ninth inning. That's incredible for a high school pitcher. But if baseball doesn't work out, he could always become an actor ... and follow in the footsteps of George Clooney, Kevin Costner, and Kurt Russell, all of whom played baseball before appearing on the big screen.