Teen graduates high school, college at the same time

Teen Graduates High School, College At The Same Time
Teen Graduates High School, College At The Same Time

While most secondary students play sports or join clubs, one Minnesota teen decided to use his time before graduating high school to ... well, graduate college.

Bryan and Stacy Greer told KARE their 18-year-old son David was always a smart kid but never very motivated - until he started high school, that is. "I think he just realized one day that 'Hey, I think I can get this done really fast,' and he became internally motivated."

David earned his associate degree in 11th grade after taking advantage of Post-Secondary Enrollment Options at his high school. 'I figured the quicker I can get through it get on with my life and get a job. that's the way to do it.'

Hometown Source reports David then used the same options to enroll full-time at the University of Minnesota, Morris in his senior year of high school.

He said, "The PSEO program at the University of Minnesota at Morris has been amazing. ... I'm extremely grateful to the university for helping me to speed up my education beyond anything I could have imagined. ... My education at Morris has given me a solid foundation for my future career."

Northfield News reports David earned his degree in statistics without going into debt and is currently applying for several jobs at the age of 18.

Pretty impressive, David. But, you've been one-upped.

WFOR reports a teen in Hollywood, Florida, finished off this last semester with a degree in criminal justice before her high school diploma. Grace Bush finished the four-year degree in three years, and she's only 16 years old.

Slow down! You're making the rest of us look bad! David said he's looking for an actuary job and Grace said she wants to go to law school.