Skywriter misspells 'Rangers' in New York City

Skywriter Misspells 'Rangers' In New York City
Skywriter Misspells 'Rangers' In New York City

Imagine looking up at the sky and seeing the letters "R" and "A," and then ... wait, what's that letter? "Fox & Friends" highlighted a skywriter's very embarrassing spelling error.

"I believe he is the worst skywriter. Took to the skies of Manhattan this weekend spelling out the very first few letters of his favorite team's name before running out of space in the sky."

It seems like the people in New York agreed with that statement. Wall Street Journal editor Nathan Becker tweeted out "Worst skywriter ever?"

Another Twitter user treated the whole blunder as a guessing game, writing: "I'd like to solve the puzzle ... Is it rangers?"

Now we don't know anything about the skywriter, but we're gonna guess he or she is probably pretty devastated the Rangers have lost the first two games of the Stanley Cup Finals to the Kings. ESPN reports that if the Rangers continue on this losing streak, the Kings will take home the coveted title.

... But back to the skywriter. Maybe we shouldn't be so hard on him or her.

The Christian Science Monitor reports not only did he or she have to write each letter backward, but also "parallel to the ground, which means the pilot can only see the edge of each letter."

So let's give the skywriter a break. We've all had a bad day at the office.