Romantic love lock bridge collapse

'Locks Of Love' Bridge In Paris Evacuated After Railing Collapses
'Locks Of Love' Bridge In Paris Evacuated After Railing Collapses

Paris is said to be one of the most romantic places on Earth, but apparently there was too much love for one Parisian bridge to handle.

The Pont des Arts bridge over the Seine River is a popular tourist destination where couples declare their undying love for each other by writing their initials on a padlock, fastening it onto the bridge, and throwing the key into the water below. On Sunday evening a section of that bridge collapsed under the weight of all the locks. Not the best omen for those couples.

According to the Independent, a five-foot long section of wire mesh fell onto the bridge and was immediately evacuated. Luckily, there were no injuries, but the incident has intensified the debate about the safety of the tradition that began in 2008.

In February, two Americans living in Paris launched the "No Love Locks" campaign, and argued that not only are the padlocks ugly, but they also compromise the structural integrity of the bridge. According to their own research, the 510 foot long bridge is holding 700,000 padlocks -- equaling more than 40 tons.

The Pont des Arts is expected to be reopened sometime Monday.