Plastic Easter eggs found filled with antifreeze

Plastic Easter Eggs Found Filled with Antifreeze
Plastic Easter Eggs Found Filled with Antifreeze

PEABODY, MASS - Police in Peabody, Massachusetts are warning residents about plastic Easter eggs filled with antifreeze that have been found around town.

According to WCVB, the first egg was found on Dexter Street on June 4, and a nearby search by police discovered seven others on Aberdeen Avenue and Greenwood Road, police said. WHDH reports that the eggs had puncture holes in them, allowing the anti-freeze to seep out.

Peabody Police Captain Dennis Bonaiuto said the incident is being seriously investigated and charges could be filed.

Antifreeze can be very dangerous to children or pets if ingested. Pet owners should contact their vet immediately if their animal ingests antifreeze because they may be able to reverse the effects.