One deserving waitress receives a small fortune in a tip

'The Big Tip': One Deserving Waitress Receives A Small Fortune
'The Big Tip': One Deserving Waitress Receives A Small Fortune

On 'The Big Tip,' one deserving waitress got the tip of a lifetime: $10,000.

Candi, who started waitressing tables when she was just 16 years old, was shocked. Upon receiving the tip, she was in tears. "Oh my god. When I woke up this morning, I had no clue."

On top of waitressing, she also has a full-time day care that she runs from home, and works at the restaurant to bring money in for the dog rescue she also runs. Every dollar she makes goes to paying off the thousands of dollars of veterinary bills her rescue racks up each month, so that $10,000 tip will be a big help.

Host Rachael Ray couldn't help but gush over the premiere on Twitter. Zap2It notes Rachael comes from the food industry –- and that was the inspiration behind 'The Big Tip.'

The show seeks out hard-working waiters and waitresses at family-owned establishments. Rachel and her co-host secretly interview them, and then pick one to receive the big prize. But don't worry, the runners-up get some money too: $1,000 each.

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