More couples signing social media prenups

More Couples Signing Social Media Pre-Nups
More Couples Signing Social Media Pre-Nups

If you want to make sure your spouse doesn't post an unflattering photo of you online, you may want to put it in writing.

Facebook has been used to announce everything from engagements to breakups, but what about those embarrassing photos your husband posted last week? He may not have shared the pic if you had a social media prenup in place. Lawyers are drawing up digital agreements pinning down specifics about what can and cannot be posted.

"We have to create a new model that we include a conscious agreement about how we are going to include social media in our lives," says relationship expert Dr. Sheri Meyers who believe the prenups are a necessary tool.

Celebrities who reportedly know all about prenups:

The agreements include rules about what is fair to post on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Vine. From outlawing embarrassing stories to saying "no" to bathing suit photos, every couple has unique boundaries.

So, what happens if you violate one of these social media prenups? If it is after you break up, you could be facing thousands of dollars in fines. If it happens while you are still together, you may find yourself suddenly on trash duty.

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