Middle school yearbook makes fun of 'fat' students

Middle School Yearbook Makes Fun Of
Middle School Yearbook Makes Fun Of

BOISE, ID- An Idaho middle school's yearbook posed the question: "When I hear the word Twinkie I think of?"

The seemingly well-meaning question invited a lot of harsh responses from teens and tweens, like one who responded: "I think of fat kids, wait is that going in the yearbook, oh no no no, I think of the minions from despicable me!"

Surprisingly, this and other responses made it into the yearbook, upsetting parents like Lee Howard, who said, "It's always still okay to still make fun of the fat person especially the fat chick. It hurts. It hurts just as much."

Her daughter, who was also upset by the remarks, thinks the school is being hypocritical.
"They always advertise anti bullying, and how bullying is so wrong, but then they put this in the yearbook," the teen said.

How did this hurtful talk end up printed in the school's yearbook? The school district says yearbook's adult advisor was absent during important parts of the editing process and are trying to prevent something like this from happening in the future.

"That shouldn't have appeared in the yearbook," a representative from the school district said. "The content is not appropriate. It's sending a message that it's ok to make fun of children for anything -- their physical appearance or their demeanor. The kind of things you're really trying to prevent."