Man injured on out-of-control elevator

Man Injured On Out-Of-Control Elevator
Man Injured On Out-Of-Control Elevator

There is no official "phobia" name for being afraid to ride an elevator, but it's a fear that's very real for some.

One man might have developed that fear after what happened to him in Chile. Fox News reports:

"A man in Chile [was] injured after an elevator goes out of control and shoots right up to the roof. You can see him frantically hitting buttons as the elevator rockets up 30 stories in 15 seconds." reports that the 31-year-old man entered the elevator on the first floor, and the car didn't stop until it reached the very top. And by top, we mean the roof.

According to Emol, the man had to be rescued from the inside of the elevator. He is recovering at a local hospital after suffering injuries from the elevator's sudden stop.

In the video posted by LiveLeak, you can see the man smacking the buttons in hopes the elevator will stop. You can also tell when the elevator screeches to a halt because the camera jerks.

A writer for Guyism points out that after watching, you'll probably never want to ride in an elevator again.

Investigators are trying to determine what caused the elevator to go out of control. Infonews reports that the building was just completed eight months ago.