Emotional reunion between Marine Corps vet and his beloved dog

An Emotional Marine Corps Veteran Reunited With His Canine
An Emotional Marine Corps Veteran Reunited With His Canine

An emotional Marine Corps veteran reunited with the the canine that kept him safe in Afghanistan. Corporal Jeff DeYoung served his country and searched for IEDs beside Cena, a bomb-sniffing Labrador.

However, back in 2010, the two were suddenly separated and DeYoung returned home without getting a chance to say goodbye.

Thanks to Mission K9 Rescue, a non-profit that works to find homes for retired military dogs, DeYoung was able to reunite with Cena on Thursday at the Detroit airport.

DeYoung told ABC News, "I hope he remembers me... I remember him everyday."

Cena was trained to sniff out 300 different kinds of explosives, so it's no surprise that after four years he was still able to recognize the scent of his old partner. As soon as Cena saw DeYoung, the dog buried his face into his old pal's chest.

DeYoung has adopted the retired military dog, and Cena will live out the rest of his life as a part of DeYoung's family.

This isn't the only military dog reunion that has been in the news. Just last month, Fox News reported on an Iraq war vet that reunited with his bomb-sniffing dog in Chicago.

To learn more about adopting retired military dogs, visit missionk9rescue.org.