Man turns NYC apartment into '80s arcade ... and loses fiancee

Man Turns NYC Bedroom Into 80's Arcade and Loses Fiancee
Man Turns NYC Bedroom Into 80's Arcade and Loses Fiancee

Chris Kooluris says he wants to be surrounded by things he loves -- and he isn't talking family, friends, or a significant other.

Chris Kooluris, 37, grew up playing iconic video games in their original form: as arcade games. When it came to transforming his New York City apartment into a throwback to the good 'ol days, updated gaming formats just wouldn't do.

He spent more than $20,000 outfitting his bedroom with classics like Pac Man, Tron and Street Fighter. He even had custom pieces built. He also replaced his bed with a futon and dressed it up with Ninja Turtle sheets. (To see more pictures, check out his Imgur.)

He built himself the dream bedroom of any child from the '80s ... and he has no regrets. Well, maybe one. He probably should have put that effort into his relationship during this big build, because his fiancee actually ended their engagement over the remodel, according to the Daily News.

Still, he seems to be handling it pretty well. Now that Chris has the best room out of all his friends, he hosts weekly gaming sessions.

As the Daily News puts it, "It is far better to have loved and lost than never to have gotten to play your video games again."

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