Jurors are reprimanded over tweeting during trial

Jurors Reprimanded For Using Social Media During Trial
Jurors Reprimanded For Using Social Media During Trial

Most people aren't fond of jury duty, but two jury members on a case in Florida might have taken it a bit too far according to HLN.

The two jurors got busted for texting and tweeting during a trial. They wrote things like: 'Taking a nap' and 'Wish I wasn't a U.S. citizen right now.'

They didn't just tweet during jury duty, they tweeted complaints about jury duty. A local Florida attorney told WPTV he wants to ban cell phones and social media usage from the courtroom altogether.

Attorney Spencer Kuvin says, 'If they're tweeting and on their phone during a trial, how can they pay attention to the evidence that's being heard? I think it's a sad commentary on how people actually see their service, their important service to this country."

The two jurors who got in trouble for texting and tweeting aren't the only ones who've been reprimanded, though. According to the Palm Beach Post, one man could face up to six months in jail for contempt of court - all because of comments he posted on Facebook during a different trial.

Attorney Scott Smith told the paper, "In addition to expressing general disdain about jury service, he made very specific comments about the case itself. The comments made it very clear that he couldn't be and never was fair and impartial."