Four years later, woman paralyzed at bachelorette party prepares for baby

'Paralyzed Bride' Stays Positive On the Road to Recovery
'Paralyzed Bride' Stays Positive On the Road to Recovery

Just a month before Rachelle Friedman's dream wedding in 2010, she was paralyzed in a freak accident at her poolside bachelorette party.

A shocking 911 call made by a friend captured the awful moment. The caller told the 911 operator, "One of our friends pushed one of our other friends into the pool, like as a joke, and she like hit her head on the bottom of the pool."

"As soon as I hit the water, I felt my body kind of stiffen up. I went numb and I kind of heard a crack in my neck," she told 'TODAY.'

As a result, Rachel was paralyzed from the chest down. Eventually, the wedding took place as planned. They said their "I do's" and shared a very special first dance. Now, five years later, Rachelle and Chris are hoping to start a family.

Chris told INSIDE EDITION, "When Rachelle was hurt, it was one of our first concerns. We asked immediately will Rachelle be able to have a child?"

Rachelle recently underwent groundbreaking physical therapy to strengthen and stimulate her muscles. For the first time since her accident, she was standing on her own two feet.

Rachelle never gave up on trying to have a baby, saying, "I wasn't sure if paralysis effected that ability. It turns out it doesn't, I can still conceive."

The problem is, she requires high doses of blood pressure medication which would be harmful to a fetus if she got pregnant. So, she has opted for surrogacy.

She said, "I'm worried. I'm scared, anxious, excited."

As luck would have it, a former college friend of the couple has agreed to carry their baby.

"I feel so comfortable that it's someone we met, and know, and like, and love ... doing this for us," she said.

Rachelle knows there will be challenges but refuses to let her disability stand in the way of motherhood, saying, "I can do a lot more than people think. I can change diapers. I can dress them."

Rachelle has written a book called 'The Promise,' and she promises this: once known as the 'paralyzed bride,' she is hoping for a little baby who will only know her as 'mom.'