Firefighters feeling heat after spraying colleague with freezing water

Firefighters Feeling Heat After Using Fire Hose To Spray Colleague
Firefighters Feeling Heat After Using Fire Hose To Spray Colleague

A charity stunt caused controversy when a video surfaced showing six New Jersey firefighters using a fire hose to shoot freezing water at a colleague.

CBS reports that "No one was hurt, but the chief is unhappy about the stunt. If you take the 'Cold Water Challenge' you donate $10. If you don't, you have to donate $100."

The "Cold Water Challenge" has become a viral movement in which one person challenges another who then challenges another in a chain to raise money for charity. The only difference here is most people jump into a freezing body of water instead of getting sprayed with it.

According to WKXW, hundreds of firefighters across the country have used fire hoses for the Cold Water Challenge before without reports of injuries.

But the Board of Fire Commissioners Chairman Sam Micklus says something different.

"The hose they used could've killed someone. I'm still shaking my head," Micklus says. "They should've known better."

Micklus also says the unsanctioned use of public equipment and water violated district policies, and that suspensions are a definite possibility.

Daily Mail notes all the firefighters involved in the incident are volunteers, however we could not confirm that information elsewhere.

The YouTube video showing the incident has since been deleted.

It seems the Cold Water Challenge continues to be a popular way for firefighters to raise money for charity. In this video posted six days after the incident in New Jersey, the firefighter even managed a smile, as soon as he got used to the cold.