Camera catches truck getting struck by lightning

Couple Rescued After Lightning Strikes Truck
Couple Rescued After Lightning Strikes Truck

While driving their pickup truck over the weekend, one couple in Canada had a shocking encounter with nature's fury ... no, seriously. A couple's truck was struck by lightning while driving down a highway in Canada.

Al and Betty Perry were in their truck on a rural Alberta road when they heard a loud bang and their truck filled with smoke.

"It sounded like a sonic boom, that's how loud! It's an awful feeling to have. I saw our lives passing in front of my eyes," Al said.

The lightning strike deployed the truck's six air bags, melted the exterior and shut down the electrical system, leaving the doors locked with the couple still inside.

According to WPTV, a Royal Canadian Mounted Police officer who was passing by saw the couple in distress. He was able to help the Perrys escape unharmed.

After the incident, the two went to see a doctor, who determined neither had been harmed by the lightning. A few days later, Al and Betty celebrated their 47th wedding anniversary. So, it's safe to say the "spark" is still there.

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