Man continues road trip after girlfriend dies in passenger seat

Man Continues Road Trip After Girlfriend Dies In Passenger Seat
Man Continues Road Trip After Girlfriend Dies In Passenger Seat

WDIV reports that a road trip from Arizona to Michigan took a chilling turn when a passenger died and the driver kept going.

"I went like this. You know? Cause she's sitting in the front seat next to me and I said, 'You want something?' At that point in time, she was stiff."

According to WDIV, Ray Tomlinson confirmed he was driving 1,900 miles cross country with his elderly mother and 31-year-old girlfriend when his significant other lost consciousness and died. Instead of stopping to report her death, the 62-year-old decided to press on.

WXYZ says "I just figured she was sleeping. And then the next time I stopped for gas, she just didn't respond. So, I just kept driving."

WJBK says, "He propped her up, leaving sunglasses on her face while he drove all the way to Michigan."

"The 62-year-old didn't want to stop because he knew he'd have to give the van up."

According to MLive, Tomlinson looked up what to do with a dead body, and "due to his 'rural and desolate location,' decided to finish the drive home with the corpse in his passenger seat."

Tomlinson had picked up his girlfriend from a medical facility before embarking on the road trip. WXYZ reports the girlfriend had been institutionalized in Arizona nine times in the past year because of mental health and drug problems.

Police are considering the possibility that an overdose caused her death.

"Every time she would go into a psych ward, the doctor would change up her medications."

According to the Detroit Free Press, the facility the woman had just left called to check on her, and Tomlinson told the caller about her death. An employee from the facility called the police, who contacted Tomlinson and told him to stop.

So far, no charges have been filed against Tomlinson, but police told WXYZ the prosecutor might be considering a misdemeanor charge.