'Catfish': Tracie Thoms meets obsessed superfan

'Catfish': Tracie Thoms Of 'Rent' Meets Super Fan Stalker
'Catfish': Tracie Thoms Of 'Rent' Meets Super Fan Stalker

On "Catfish," actress Tracie Thoms, best known for her role in the movie "Rent," contacted Nev to ask for his help. This was the first time a celebrity had ever been on the show.

Tracie explained that she had an obsessed superfan who created multiple social media accounts to interact with her. That fan then killed off one of the fake accounts she created, and took pictures at a funeral to make it seem that her friend died to garner sympathy from Tracie. Nev and Max eventually had Tracie and her super fan meet to settle the issue.

Superfan Sammie told Tracie that when Tracie responded to her on Twitter it made her feel special, so she created multiple accounts hoping for more responses from the star. She said the reason behind her actions was that she is lonely in her real life and saw Tracie as a big sister, which she never had. As strange as it was, Sammie apologized for her behavior in the end and the issue was settled.

Bustle notes this was one of the only episodes that wasn't romantic and just strange.

Still, fans on Twitter were emotional watching the episode, feeling for Sammie, hoping she will get off the internet and value herself more going forward.