Wisconsin mom battling cancer helps son nab NFL tryout

Wisconsin Mom Battling Cancer Helps Son Nab NFL Tryout
Wisconsin Mom Battling Cancer Helps Son Nab NFL Tryout

It's something many football players can only dream of, but for one Wisconsin man, that dream is becoming a reality - all thanks to mom. HLN reports:

"A Wisconsin mom fighting cancer was so inspired by her son Zac's never-give-up attitude on the football field that she took an extreme measure to get him an NFL tryout. She mailed every team a demo tape of his semi pro games."

And it paid off! Zac Carter will reportedly try out for an unnamed AFC team in late June. An anchor for WFTX thinks what his mom, Nicole Carter, did was pretty cool.

"That's going way beyond the orange slices and juice boxes at halftime."

Carter says he doesn't want to name the team he's trying out for because he doesn't jinx it or make the team angry. Still, whether he makes it or not, his mom says that doesn't matter. WLUK reports:

"This has made my strength and focus to get better just that much higher. ... I don't know anyone else who can honestly say 'I got to try out for an NFL team'. In my books he's already made it. He's a winner either way. "

There are no reports of what kind of cancer Nicole has or what her prognosis is. But we're sure she's happy to see her grown boy get a shot at his NFL dream.