Man takes on speeding drivers with controversial sign

Man Takes On Speeding Drivers With Controversial Sign Featuring Gun
Man Takes On Speeding Drivers With Controversial Sign Featuring Gun

A neighborhood sign in Wayne, New Jersey, is raising eyebrows with its controversial message.

The sign says: 'If you hit one of these kids because you are speeding you will not need a lawyer.' It also has a photo of a gun.

Craig Rovere, a father of three, explained to News 12 New Jersey that he posted the sign on the land across from his house because drivers regularly speed through his neighborhood.

"We had one of the little signs that's shaped like a kid out here with the little flag and I came home one day and it was run over. So that's sort of the last straw."

Some are saying his sign sends the wrong message, but Rovere told the news outlet he was simply going for shock value. He says he doesn't intend to harm anyone.

"It's a hot button issue and that was the idea. I needed something -- you know, just a sign that says 'slow down' wouldn't work."

WCBS says since Rovere posted the sign, drivers made it a point to drive through his neighborhood at a safe speed. He has since taken the sign down, though, as it had been posted on public property and there were complaints.

Rovere says he'll put the sign back up on his own property if drivers go back to speeding through his neighborhood. In the meantime, the city is looking into installing speed bumps to slow down traffic.