La Toya Jackson reveals she's engaged

La Toya Jackson Reveals She's Engaged
La Toya Jackson Reveals She's Engaged

The rumors had been swirling, but nothing had been confirmed –- La Toya Jackson ... engaged or not? She finally revealed the answer to ABC, and it's a yes. And man, does she have the ring to prove it.

After months of online rumors about La Toya's love life, this morning she's setting the record straight: she's engaged.

Her ring is 17.5 carats. It pretty much looks like it takes up half her hand. Not that we're jealous.

OK, we're jealous.

But People reports Jackson left her man, Jeffré Phillips, sweating a little: "Jackson was caught off guard by the proposal, so 'it wasn't a fast yes,' she tells PEOPLE. She followed a path of white rose petals and gardenias out to their hotel balcony ... Then, he surprised her with a 17.5 carat diamond ring, hidden under her dessert tray." When he popped the question, Jackson responded, "Geez, Jeffré, I'm sorry" and broke into tears.

She did eventually say yes, obviously. The happy couple hasn't set a date yet, and it seems 58-year-old Jackson has a lot going on these days. She recently began starring in her own reality show called "Life with La Toya." The star also mentioned she's always wanted to be a mother. So, who knows? Maybe a baby is in the cards, too.

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