Identical twins share valedictorian position - and everything else

Identical Twins Share Valedictorian Position — And Everything Else
Identical Twins Share Valedictorian Position — And Everything Else

How close are you to your siblings? Close enough to share your greatest accomplishments? For identical twins Gabby and Maria Munoz-Robles being co-valedictorians was just another thing to do together.

KTVN reports: "We would switch seats in some classes just to play a joke on the teacher. We always study together. We do the same sports; we do the same extracurricular activities."

For the nearly inseparable twins, being named co-valedictorians wasn't even a surprise - The Record-Courier reports it was all part of the plan.

CBS reports: "We were shooting to be co-valedictorians. It came just down to this last semester, and we tied, so we knew that it was going to happen."

The twins from Minden, Nevada, each earned a 4.54 grade point average. Maria told The Record-Courier:

"A lot of people want us to be separate, but we enjoy it. When we give each other hugs, I feel like I'm hugging myself."

As WIFR reports, the two girls are headed to the University of Notre Dame in the fall, and they'll both major in biomedical engineering. But that's where it'll have to end - at least when it comes to housing.

WIFR reports: "Now Notre Dame is putting an end to this fun and games. They're not allowing them to live in the same dormitory. The sisters said that they eventually want to attend graduate school together, and conduct cancer and arthritic research together."

As Maria told CBS: "We first wanted to debate them on it, but then we realized they did have a point that we needed to be separated and each have our own separate group of friends ... and try to like ... grow up differently, be individuals."

We think Maria and Gabby will find a way to hang out on campus regardless of where they live. Just a hunch, though.