World's oldest pants look at lot like today's pants ...

The Oldest Pants In The World
The Oldest Pants In The World

These are the oldest pants in the world. According to Science News, the wool trousers were found during a graveyard excavation in China and are believed to be 3,000 to 3,300 years old -- which is surprising because they seem more intact than Kim Kardashian's jeans from this year. (Sorry, Kim.)

Archaeologists say the old threads resemble modern riding pants and support the idea that nomadic herders in Central Asia invented pants for better mobility on horseback. They previously wore gowns and robes with individual leggings.

As old as they are, many people seem to think they'd fit right in with today's fashion.

One blogger said they were, "kinda hippie lookin'" and "could have been purchased in a parking lot outside a String Cheese Incident concert."

A writer for Time chimed in, saying they look like they're straight from the racks at Anthropologie.

We're pretty sure the older ones were a bit cheaper ...