World War II veteran receives high school diploma 71 years later

World War II Veteran Receives High School Diploma 71 Years Later
World War II Veteran Receives High School Diploma 71 Years Later

Each year more than 3 million high school students get their diplomas.

But this year, one 90-year-old man joined the millions of 2014 high school graduates. WTLV reports: "Jack Koolik bailed out of high school during World War II."

"What did not happen 71 years ago will happen on this stage where Koolik will get a diploma through the Veterans high school diploma program."

According to The Florida Times-Union, Koolik left his Brooklyn, New York, high school in 1942 to enlist in the U.S. Army Air Corps and was unable to get his diploma. But he didn't want the same thing for his daughters.

Bonnie Sandler, Koolik's eldest daughter who presented the diploma to her father, told The Florida Times-Union: "My dad sacrificed a lot and worked long, hard hours for us so we would have the opportunity to go to college and be successful."

Koolik's daughters helped arrange his graduation, and he told WJXT he appreciates their gesture.

"It's like a dream world. I can't believe that I'm up on the stage."

And Koolik looked thrilled on his graduation day. Koolik isn't the only veteran who's finally receiving his diploma.

According to the Orlando Sentinel, Charles Waters, an 88-year-old World War II veteran currently living in Florida, finally received a diploma from his Massachusetts high school 71 years later.

And WISH reports an Indiana man, 91-year-old Walter Worland, also a World War II veteran, received his diploma after 70 years.