'Bachelorette' skips rose ceremony, commemorates late contestant

'The Bachelorette': The Late Eric Hill's Controversial Exit From The Show
'The Bachelorette': The Late Eric Hill's Controversial Exit From The Show

On "The Bachelorette," we saw the last scene with Eric Hill, the contestant who died tragically in a paragliding accident shortly after filming the show.

The 31-year-old explorer left by choice and confronted Andi about possibly not being genuine, which led to a tearful goodbye.

Eric: "I came on this to meet a person ... not a TV actress."
Andi: "You think that I'm a TV actress?"
Eric: "And I know when the cameras are here there's been a different side of Andi."

Andi was emotional after the confrontation and said she was hurt that Eric felt the way he did. She then told the other guys that if anyone else thought she wasn't serious either, they could leave too.

The way things ended with Eric made for a lot of controversy, and ABC made the rare move to skip the rose ceremony where Tasos was eliminated. Instead, host Chris Harrison interviewed Andi about Eric and his passing.

"Normally, right now, we'd all be watching the rose ceremony. But that just didn't seem right tonight. It just didn't seem important who did or didn't get a rose," a somber Chris Harrison said. "What does seem right is to talk about Eric. And so that's what we're gonna do."

Some fans on Twitter thought that interview didn't commemorate Eric that well, but Bustle noted that the situation was handled the best it could be, and that it's "been tough watching certain parts" of the show.

"Is it fair that we, as a general audience, only get to know this man as Andi Dorfman saw him during four episodes?," Bustle asks. "Thankfully, ABC delivered an episode-ending tribute that gave Eric a more proper sendoff."

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