Study: Couples now arguing more about money than anything else

Study: Women In 2-Income Households Earn As Much As Male Counterparts
Study: Women In 2-Income Households Earn As Much As Male Counterparts

A new study reveals women are making just as much dough as men. In fact, Money Magazine reports 50 percent of women from two-income households earn just as much as their male counterparts, and almost 25 percent of women earn more.

The outlet's new study also says couples now argue more about money than chores, spending time together, sex or snoring.

According to CBS, 'Whoever earns more either is more in control of their finances, they may be the person who makes the financial decisions, and whoever makes more really influences how happy people are, even their sex life.'

Men who make less than their wives reported being the happiest. Women who earned the most were the least happy, because they were more stressed.

More and more couples are finding a new balance with the disappearance of traditional gender roles. According to CNN, 4 in 10 women are now the main or only income earners in households with children younger than the age of 18.

This economic change has raised a social question -- who should take care of the kids?

According to a Pew Research Center Poll, 51 percent of Americans said women should stay at home. Only 8 percent said the same for men.

The New York Times suggests the most recent recession might be partially responsible for the increase in breadwinning women. The recession hit men disproportionately harder, with especially high layoff rates in the construction and manufacturing industries.

Don't be scared, though ... there are ways to prevent that big, green monster from interfering with your relationship.

Finance experts told U.S. News & World Report financial transparency, sharing credit card statements, and establishing a budget were key.