Diver meets a shark that just wants to cuddle

Diver Pets and Plays With Friendly Reef Shark
Diver Pets and Plays With Friendly Reef Shark

Cristina Zenato is a very experienced 'shark wrangler' at UNEXSO in Freeport in the Bahamas. She has been working with sharks for 20 years.

While participating in a photo shoot with Stephen Frink during Bahamas Underwater Photo Week, Frink captured a very unique moment between the diver and Caribbean reef shark.

The shark, which can measure up to 10 feet in size, approached the diver calmly and seemed to snuggle into the diver's lap like a puppy.

Although reef sharks are more human-friendly than most shark species, it's quite rare for them to approach and engage a human like this.

Perhaps we should call Zenato the 'Shark Whisperer!'