Toddler is a cheerleading superstar

Cheerleading Toddler Sticks Incredible Stunts
Cheerleading Toddler Sticks Incredible Stunts

For many toddlers, balancing is a difficult task, but not for little 2-year-old Emerson Decker. Emerson and her dad Andrew practice their cheerleading moves on the beach. She pulls off an amazing stunt: her father throws Emerson up in the air and sticks the landing ... on his hands! They even performed the stunt again on 'Fox & Friends.'

Emerson is clearly talented, and it might be because she started stunting before she could even walk. "We actually started when she was three months old. Before she could walk she would stand in my hand," her father says.

Emerson, the "Little flyer" even has her own Instagram, which is covered with videos and photos of her stunts. This page is filled with a whole lot of cuteness and is co-managed by her dad because ... well, she's 2 years old.

The apple doesn't fall far from the tree. Emerson's dad Andrew has been cheering since he was four.

He's currently a cheer coach at Cheer City United and teaches Emerson her stunts. "We're working on all kinds of new tricks. She likes doing stuff on her own and stuff with me."

A popular cheerleading vine page called Cheer Vine re-vined a sweet stunt Emerson and her dad pulled off. The vine was was captioned, "She's like 2," and naturally it went viral.

And get this! People Magazine points out little Emerson isn't the only famous lady in the family. Fashion model and actress Brooklyn Decker is a relative of hers.

Decker helped the talented Emerson go viral when she posted a video of the toddler and her dad on her Instagram account, saying, "What a stud!" Heck, "stud" might even be an understatement.