Teen car-theft suspect nearly hits kids during police chase

Teen Car-Theft Suspect Nearly Hits Kids During Police Chase
Teen Car-Theft Suspect Nearly Hits Kids During Police Chase

When police in Utah responded to a stolen vehicle report, they probably didn't expect the driver to be such a handful ... or a 14-year-old.

After his grandfather reported the car stolen Saturday, a Syracuse teenager was spotted by a man who was listening to a police scanner app on his phone. KSL-TV reports the man informed police of the boy's location, and when they showed up, the young car thief decided to flee.

"You guys watch out! They'll come! Get out of the way!"

This shocking video shows the teen driving though a public park, just narrowly avoiding several pedestrians.

But police officers did not pursue the stolen car through the park. They told KSTU they feared it would make the situation even more dangerous for bystanders. However, police didn't have any trouble catching up to the teen driver.

"A few minutes later, he came into another parking lot across the field, and so all the kids were there watching what was going on."

The chase finally ended when a man used his pickup truck as a battering ram.

Officials say the teen was taken into custody and is now in a juvenile detention center.