Soldier surprises little sister at high school graduation

Soldier Surprises Little Sister at High School Graduation
Soldier Surprises Little Sister at High School Graduation

Like her peers at Davenport West High School, senior Desirae Blake was excited to graduate -- but she was sad that her older brother Dustin wouldn't be there to see the big moment.

Her brother, Dustin Blake Wall, has been deployed in Afghanistan. Desirae barely gets to talk to her brother, let alone see him.

"As soon as I found out my son could come back I knew I was going to keep it from her," said mom Denise Blake Herric.

On graduation day, the last thing she thought would come true did. Her brother surprised her by showing up to the ceremony. "When she hugged me I couldn't stop hugging her too," said Dustin.

"It just means a lot to me because he's someone who's kind of always been in my life," said Desirae. "I remember when I was little I kind of always tried to be just like him," said Desirae.

Unfortunately, Dustin was only able to stay for a day. After her graduation, he had to head back to England where he's stationed. Still, it was a day that seniors won't forget -- especially Desirae.

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