Is the 'Ice Diet' a real thing?

The Ice Diet Promises To Melt Away Pounds
The Ice Diet Promises To Melt Away Pounds

A New Jersey doctor thinks he might have the next miracle trick to melt away those stubborn pounds - literally.

Dr. Brian Weiner, a gastroenterologist, says his Ice Diet will help you burn more calories without breaking a sweat, in fact, quite the opposite.

Unlike many other diets, you shouldn't consume mostly the thing that it's called. Dr. Weiner says eating more ice will increase a person's metabolism because of the amount of energy it takes the body to melt the ice. People should continue to eat a normal, healthy diet.

He says nutritional facts on frozen food are mislabeled because they don't take into account the negative calorie effects it has.

But again, the doc doesn't encourage people start stocking their ice boxes with, well, just ice.

Weiner recommends 1 liter per day which will burn 160 calories, which is about the energy equivalent of running a mile. Much more than that and he says you'll likely feel uncomfortably cold. Go figure.

Also, try to avoid chewing the ice because you're trying to lose weight, not teeth.

And in case ice doesn't sound super delicious and tasty, you can make your own ice pops with zero-calorie flavoring. Not a bad way to spend Summer.