Incredible way two-legged cat gets down the stairs

How A Two Legged Cat Gets Down The Stairs
How A Two Legged Cat Gets Down The Stairs

This young cat is, ironically, named Boots. She was saved by the Life Is Better Rescue in Colorado when she was just ten days old. Now, thanks to the wild way she goes down the stairs, she's getting national attention.

It's believed she lost her back paws in some sort of accident, and while many shelters would have euthanized the kitten, Life Is Better Rescue volunteer Megan Brocato brought her home.

Today, with the help of her blue OrthoPet prosthetic boots, Boots is able to manage her way through Megan's home. In fact, instead of just going down the stairs, she does a 'flying handstand' that's pretty impressive.

The now one-year-old cat still requires surgery to correct her bones, but something tells us she'll have no difficulty getting around afterward.