Grad gets emotional surprise from father during speech

Son Reunited With Military Father At High School Graduation
Son Reunited With Military Father At High School Graduation

Graduating from high school is a big accomplishment, and many students want their parents in the crowd to celebrate. But Nicholas Schott, whose father has been stationed overseas for five tours of duty, wasn't expecting his dad to be there.

Nicholas Schott's dad, Staff Sergeant Jamie Schott, has been stationed in Kuwait. He'd previously asked for leave to go to his son's graduation ceremony in South Carolina, but his request was denied. Nicholas was giving a speech on honoring U.S. service members at the ceremony, when he was surprised by his father.

WCIV says Nicholas was disappointed, but he understood. Then, the unexpected happened: Jamie's request was granted after all, and he was able to return home to a base in Kentucky May 4th.

He decided he wasn't going to tell Nick, and quickly worked with Goose Creek High to make a very special surprise happen. While Nicholas was in the middle of a speech, his father made his move. Their beautiful embrace made all the hard work so worth it.

Nicholas wasn't the only high school senior who got a surprise during his graduation ceremony. In fact, members of the military were surprising their children all over the country this past week.

Fox News says, "A Texas high school senior getting a big surprise when his father and Air Force officer comes home from Afghanistan to give him his diploma."

WDAZ says Taylor Crafton was moved to tears when her father, who has been stationed in Cuba for months, showed up at her North Dakota high school graduation ceremony. "It's all I wanted for graduation," she said.

As for the Schotts? We're sure they've been spending every waking moment together since that surprise reunion Friday. Jamie will be in town until Tuesday.