Dog accidentally 'drove' owner's car into pond

German Shepherd Puppy Takes Car For Joy Ride
German Shepherd Puppy Takes Car For Joy Ride

All dogs seem to love a good car ride, head hangin' out the window, tongue flappin' in the wind -- you know, the usual. Much to her owner's surprise, a German shepherd puppy in Massachusetts decided to trade in her window seat for a chance to get behind the wheel.

WFXT spoke with Rosie's owner, John Costello, who says that when he started up his car, "Rosie had her own ideas."

"The dog just jumped in and hit the gas shift and the car jerked and when she slammed it into drive, she fell on top of the gas pedal."

Yes, the dog went for a drive ... right off the road. Unfortunately, Rosie launched the car right into Bolivar Pond.

Poor Rosie climbed into the back seat, but with help from bystanders, the adventurous German shepherd made it safely to shore.

"She is safe and sound, but that car is a total loss." Thankfully, Costello says he has car insurance.

The Canton police were so amused, they even posted a photo of the pup on Twitter, noting Rosie was just "going with the flow of traffic."

As you can imagine, that's pretty much a one-of-a-kind 911 call.