2 children injured in most recent bounce house incident

2 Children Injured In Most Recent Bounce House Incident
2 Children Injured In Most Recent Bounce House Incident

A terrifying scene for parents in Littleton, Colorado, as two young children were injured when strong winds caused a bounce house to roll across a field.

According to KRIV "A strong gust of wind picked up this castle in Colorado, carrying it 300 hundred feet. It's just tossing it around like it's a small balloon."

KUSA reports:
Witness 1: "Me and one of the defenders looked over and we saw the wind pick up."
Witness 2: "And then all of a sudden it picks up and there's a girl going down the slide. She flies out about eight feet in the air."

According to HLN, a 10-year-old girl was thrown out immediately, but a 10-year-old boy remained inside the ride while it tumbled some 200 to 300 feet into a lacrosse field.

Both children are reportedly recovering from minor injuries. But witnesses feared it could have been much worse - had the ride landed on any of the lacrosse players or if the boy had fallen out so high in the air.

This, of course, isn't the first time this has happened.

CBS notes "Last month you may recall in New York state a powerful gust launched a bounce house 50 feet in the air. Two kids were seriously hurt in that accident."

And bounce house safety has been an ongoing problem in recent years.

A study by the Nationwide Children's Hospital found emergency rooms treated 31 children for bounce house-related injuries daily in 2010.

Similarly, following a string of bounce house incidents, Jim Barber, a spokesman for the National Association of Amusement Ride Safety Officials told USA Today in 2011, "I wish this was a rarity, but it's not. ... These are probably the most dangerous amusement devices they have."

For its part, the company that set up the Colorado bounce house says it was properly staked and safety precautions were taken. The Consumer Product Safety Commission is now investigating the incident.