New trend, men drinking breast milk?

Is Drinking Breast Milk Beneficial For Adults?
Is Drinking Breast Milk Beneficial For Adults?

Is drinking breast milk beneficial for adults?

We've heard of a lot of unusual nutrition regimens - but we're not sure if this would make a momma proud, or wonder where she went wrong.

New York Magazine's "The Cut" featured a few *men* who drink breast milk. Yes, grown men. Drinking breast milk... because of its supposed health benefits.

An athlete in Queens told the Mag he drinks it because it gives him incredible energy. One father who's been drinking it since his first child was born says it's kept him from getting sick, and one Brooklyn man says it helped with his nausea while he was going through chemotherapy.

This might be news to us, but The Telegraph reported last year that the natural drink was already quite popular in China among those with poor health.

According to the American Pregnancy Association, breast milk is composed of proteins, fats, carbs and special cells that help fight infections. And milk-derived drugs aimed at children might soon be used to help adults suffering from

Crohn's disease and treat Salmonella, E. coli and other harmful microbes.

But it could also be risky.

An expert told The Washington Post, "breast tissue are like sponges and the fatty tissue absorbs the chemicals in its surrounding environment." So depending on the carrier - which you'll likely find online - the benefits may vary.

We're gonna go with to each their own on this one - but if you're comfortable asking a stranger for their goods, more power to ya.