's Top 5 Free Online Word Games

Calling all wordsmiths with an affinity for gaming! is the best place to see where you rank amongst the quickest spellers, intuitive thinkers, and toughest opponents online. We've narrowed it down to top five word games that are as diverse as they are fun! As the clock ticks down will you fold under the pressure or rise to the challenge? Find out now!
Word GamesNo. 1 - JUST WORDS

Just Words brings back the old "Scrabble" feel with a more modern flair. You can play by yourself, against the computer or an online opponent. Tile placement is just as important as the words you play, remember to look for double and triple letter word tiles. If you're stuck, take advantage of the word list that can help you find a word if you're in a bind.

Word GameNo. 2 - LETTER GARDEN

Making sense of 100 jumbled letters can be intimidating but don't worry Letter Garden gives you unique ways to clear space for your flowers to grow. In Letter Garden you can connect letters that are either up, down, left, right, or diagonal. The word also doesn't have to follow one specific direction, you can change direction at any time to make longer words. Don't get too carried away because the clock is ticking!


Take on the challenge of discovering a long lost Egyptian manuscript in this fun word game, The Book of Treasures. Join Jessica West as she tries to decipher letters that will tell her where the secret Egyptian manuscript resides. Use your wordsmith skills as you try and make as many words as possible with a random set of letters.

Word GamesNo. 4 - BOOKWORM

For this worm, words are the only thing on the menu but don't let his small stature fool you, this Bookworm is hungry! Be patient and try to make words with as many two and three-dot letters as possible. Be careful of using too many small words, a burning tile will appear and once it reaches the bottom, it's game over!

Word GamesNo. 5 - FAMILY FEUD

One of the all-time great TV shows, Family Feud is back and better than ever! If you are a fan of the show then you will love this interactive game. The rules are the same, type in answers to questions that were surveyed by 100 people. The only thing this game is missing is an eccentric host giving out hugs and kisses.

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