See 31 amazing photos from May 2014



As the calendar turns from May to June and summer is within sight, take a look back at 31 incredible photos from the month that was. The May 2014 edition takes you around the world -- from the delivery room of a hospital in Ohio to the bull fighting rings of Spain to the coal mines of Turkey to a virtual view from outer space of what's being called 'The Global Selfie.' This collection of images illustrates the wrath of Mother Nature, the pain, the triumphs and the joys that made life on Earth in May 2014 so unique. Take a moment to reflect on it.

And be sure to click all the way through to the last photo. Some fair warning: The image of Mastan Hasanali Rafai performing an unusual maneuver with a sword is intense -- therefore we're placing it at the end so that if you do see it, you can take full responsibility for having made the decision to view it. Until next month, we bid you adieu.

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