Man has toddler cut security camera wires at laundromat

Man Has Toddler Cut Security Camera Wires At Laundromat
Man Has Toddler Cut Security Camera Wires At Laundromat

A man apparently decided to use a toddler to help him commit a crime in northern Ohio. NBC reports:

"A man is seen lifting a toddler over his head so the child can pull out the wires connected to one of the security cameras."

Rather surprisingly, WTVG reports there was also a woman with the two, but ... she actually did what you're supposed to do in a laundromat.

"Police say a man and woman entered the coin laundry earlier this month, and while the female did laundry, the male broke into a lockbox, took keys to the business and entered a storage room."

There aren't many details on how the woman might know the pair, but the duo did seem to miss one important thing in the laundromat. WLIO reports:

"The man and child were successful in disabling that camera, but they did not stop to consider that another camera was watching them."
"Police are hoping this video will help find those suspects."

So far, no one has been arrested in the incident, and it's not clear what might have been stolen, if anything. But one thing's for sure -- this little guy probably kills it on the monkeybars.