Jogger survives vicious bear attack

Woman Speaks Out After Surviving Bear Attack
Woman Speaks Out After Surviving Bear Attack

A woman who was attacked by a bear while jogging is now speaking out about her terrifying experience. ABC reports:

"She knocked me down, picked me up, and carried me over to the other side of the road. I played dead. I have a baby boy - 4-year-old son at home and he's all I wanted to live for."

KTUU reports Jessica Gamboa and her husband went running on a trail at a military base in Alaska May 18. Gamboa says her husband went ahead of her since he normally runs faster than she does.

That's when Gamboa says she saw a bear cub walking around. She immediately knew the mama bear was nearby.

According to KTVA, Gamboa suffered several cuts and broken bones as a result of the attack. She explains she played dead so the bear wouldn't feel threatened. It worked- Luckily, the bear left her alone and walked away.

After that, Gamboa says she walked nearly two miles before an Army medic drove by and took her to the hospital, where she's now recovering.

KOVR in Sacramento, where Gamboa is from, reports many bears in that state generally don't like people, making them more aggressive toward humans. Officials say if the attack had happened in Gamboa's home state, she would have needed to take a different approach.

"My recommendation that is if one were to be attacked by a California bear, to fight back aggressively. ... Sticks, rocks, anything you can to fight the animal off."

Doctors say Gamboa is expected to make a full recovery.