Heroic bus driver rescues wandering toddler

Heroic Bus Driver Rescues Wandering Toddler
Heroic Bus Driver Rescues Wandering Toddler

A bus driver is being called a hero for rescuing a 2-year-old boy who was wandering near a busy Oregon intersection Friday. KPTV says, "The video is heart-stopping. Small boy walking in the middle of Linden Avenue ... you can see him highlighted there."

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KOHD reports that, "You can see the driver stop and check everything out. He puts the boy on the bus and called the police." KGW-TV spoke with Bill Clark. Clark explained, "Had I been 30 seconds later, I believe he would've been right out in the middle of the division street."

Because the little boy wasn't sure where he lived, bus driver Bill Clark took him to a transit station a couple blocks away, where they met up with police and Department of Human Services workers.

According to The Oregonian, it took about two hours for the child to be reunited with his family. The father had reportedly worked a late shift and was sleeping when the boy slipped away, and his mother was at work.

Clark not only rescued the toddler, but also tried to keep him amused during their time together. He entertained the little boy and brought him snacks. (KOIN reports that he got super excited for chocolate.)

But after all of his good deeds, Clark doesn't see himself as a hero. "I would hope that anybody, when you see this video, that anybody who sees what you're gonna see, would do the same thing."

Police reportedly told the child's parents to install childproof locks so this incident doesn't occur again.