Goat rides on back of bicyclist


Video Of Goat Riding On Back Of Bicyclist Goes Viral
Video Of Goat Riding On Back Of Bicyclist Goes Viral

It's a video that went viral in just a matter of hours. This time, it's not some adorable kitten, although we love those. Instead, it's a goat riding a guy who's riding a bike. It shows a man riding down the street with an unconventional passenger in the capital of Ethiopia.

The video, posted on YouTube Wednesday, has already gotten more than 200,000 views. WJLA reporter jokes, "I don't know what I like most about this video. Is it the nonchalant look on the guy's face or the nonchalant look on the goat's face?"

The man who uploaded the video told the New York Daily News two of his friends were traveling in Ethiopia when they saw the man on the bike.

In light of this video's popularity, we did some digging to find other videos of animals hitching unconventional rides. It's more common than you'd think.

If you like this video, you can check out this one of a cat riding on a little boy's back. Or what about this one? Here is a video of a cute little baby monkey riding on a piggy.

This one truly takes talent: a dog riding a bike. How'd they trained the dog to do that?!

Check out the full video here: