Deer break into Texas antique shop

Deer Break Into Texas Antique Shop
Deer Break Into Texas Antique Shop

A couple of deer caused some havoc in a Texas antique store. We could tell you about it, but we'd really rather just show you:

"Here it comes!"

According to Polk County Today, police in Livingston, Texas, responded to a call at 4 a.m. Thursday to catch a deer that had broken into in an antique shop.

After spending around an hour attempting to corral the animal into the store's bathroom, they found the deer had used its phone-a-friend lifeline and discovered a second deer.

"It just crashed through the window."

After one deer escaped, reports say it was found at a restaurant ... where it had smashed through its glass door. Perhaps he was hungry ... or protesting any venison being served. We'll never know...

KTRE reports customers were astonished.

"I was shocked that deers would jump in through a window. It makes me wonder why would the deers be so crazy that they would jump in the window?"

The owner of the antique store doesn't know where the deer could have come from since there are no surrounding woods in the area. The costs to repair damages have not yet been totaled.