Star Trek superfan selling sci-fi modeled home for $35M

'Star Trek' Superfan Selling Sci-Fi-Themed Home For $35M
'Star Trek' Superfan Selling Sci-Fi-Themed Home For $35M

If you're in the market for a new home and you're a major "trekkie," there's a quaint little place in Florida that will beam you out of this world. WPEC says:

"From the outside, it looks normal enough. It also has a fantastic pool with a big waterfall; the inside, just as nice. Soaring ceilings and nearly 35,000 square feet to roam around in."

OK, well, it's not exactly "little," but WPTV says the Boca Raton mansion comes with an arcade, basketball courts, wine cellar and a home theatre modeled after the set of Star Trek.

Woowhee, that'd be a pretty nice final frontier, right there. According to Sun Sentinel:

"I had this Idea for a Star Trek theatre we had talked to a number of different theatre designers across the country. And I was like, 'that's it! That's what we have to do.'"

The house is owned by venture capitalist and huge Star Trek fan Marc Bell, whose hobby is collecting memorabilia from the show. WPTV says:

"He ended up buying actual uniforms, actual badges and phasers and everything and he wanted to recreate it in his own home."

Now, Bell is moving to Miami for business and decided to put his mecca of Star Trek fandom on the market.

But you'll have to majorly "prosper" if you want to "live long" in this house. Douglas Elliman Real Estate lists the mansion's asking price as $35 million.