Officers push veteran home after motorized scooter breaks down

Officers Push Veteran Home After Motorized Wheelchair Breaks Down
Officers Push Veteran Home After Motorized Wheelchair Breaks Down

KGTV says Vietnam veteran Gil Larocque is thankful to a pair of San Diego police officers who pushed him for miles after his motorized wheelchair broke down. "I appreciate what they did."

Officers Milo Shields and Eric Cooper of the San Diego Police Department, one a veteran and the other the son of a veteran, spotted Larocque on the sidewalk.

The two decided to push him home in his power scooter -- and in case you didn't know, those things are heavy. Larocque's scooter weighs more than 300 pounds.

The police department proudly posted the video of the officers pushing Larocque and noted it took place over Memorial Day weekend. The Facebook post says, "These officers were willing to go above and beyond the call of duty."

Post by San Diego Police Department.

They certainly did - at some points they had to drag the chair when it would lock up. But KUSI reports the officers are staying humble about their act of kindness.

"They say, well, it was the least they could do."

"I was gracious for his service to our country, the least I could do was push him."

KGTV reports, "Larocque has had trouble walking ever since he suffered several injuries in Vietnam. Since he can't drive, Larocque uses the scooter to run errands for him and his 90-year-old father, a Pearl Harbor survivor."

Once the officers dropped off Laroque, KGTV reports the sergeant who caught their good deed on camera returned them to their patrol car.