Messy bed is worth millions

Messy Bed, Garbage Expected To Fetch Millions At Auction
Messy Bed, Garbage Expected To Fetch Millions At Auction

Your dirty bedroom could be worth millions. OK -- not yours. But one is. Today explains.

"Tracey Emin is the creator of this modern Art Piece called 'My Bed.' She took it from her bedroom and made it into an installation. Yeah, that's the way my bed looks all the time."

'My Bed' is expected to sell for more than $2 million at auction. It was first made -- or rather, unmade, in 1998 by the British artist.

Right now, the Daily Mirror says the wealthy and controversial Charles Saatchi - as in Nigella Lawson's ex – owns it.

His gallery explains the power behind the piece...

"By presenting her bed as art, Tracey Emin shares her most personal space, revealing she's as insecure and imperfect as the rest of the world."

And as The Daily Beast notes -- the piece has become iconic.

The Independent says the work was the result of a three-day breakdown from Emin -- it features real dirty sheets, used bottles of vodka and some more intimate items we won't mention here.

The Guardian spotlights one of the challenges: moving the bed. The piece comes with photos showing exactly where all the mess should be, from ashtrays to dirty underwear.

Emin herself spoke on how to really make the mess.

"When I get the bed I have to make the bed. I get underneath, snuggle, throw the covers over. Otherwise it would look too contrived. It looks fake."

So, a perfect mess. Worth millions.