Class ring lost 8 years ago found at Louisville construction site

Class Ring Lost 8 Years Ago Found at Louisville Construction Site
Class Ring Lost 8 Years Ago Found at Louisville Construction Site

JEFFERSONVILLE, Ind. -The excavation for the Ohio River Bridges Project on both sides of the river has no doubt caused some temporary inconvenience for all of us at some time, WLKY reports.

For one Indiana resident, the construction and dust also uncovered a long-lost treasure.

A class ring is anything but small in the heart of Danielle Meace. Her aunt, who raised Meace as her own, worked hard to surprise her with the ring her senior year of high school eight years ago.

"She got it for a present and it was, it was a huge surprise. I was so happy, it definitely means a lot to me," Meace said.

In 2006, Meace went to Thunder Over Louisville with her family, friends and her boyfriend at the time, who wore her ring as a necklace.

"He had it on a necklace around his neck and when we got home later that evening, I was like, 'Wait, where is the ring?' And we realized we had to lose it at Thunder. And I said, 'Well, I'm never going to see that again,'" Meace said.

Fast forward to May 2014, when an excavator at the bridge construction site in Jeffersonville found the ring.

His wife encouraged him to put it on Facebook and a high school classmate of Meace saw it and sent her a friend request.

"And then they popped up this message and it said, 'Hey, I think we found your ring. Your class ring.' And I said, 'Wait, what?!' I went a little ballistic," Meace said.

Through that message, Meace contacted the excavator and his wife and met them to pick up her ring.

"I expected when I met them that I would get the ring back and it would be destroyed. But even they said, 'We thought it was lost recently. It looks fine. It looks brand new,'" Meace said.

The excavator and his wife didn't want to be identified and said they aren't heroes and just did what anyone should do.

"It still blows my mind, honestly. I can't even believe it. The chances of that happening are slim to none," Meace said.

Meace wasn't the only one happy about the ring being found.

When she told her aunt, she couldn't believe it either.