Woman turns Kansas City lawn into a beach

Woman Turns Kansas City Lawn Into A Beach
Woman Turns Kansas City Lawn Into A Beach

A woman in landlocked Kansas City brought was tired of maintaining her lawn, so she turned her front yard into a beach, complete with sand and chairs.

In order to complete the project, owner Georgianna Reid used 80 tons of sand -- and told KCTV people weren't too keen on what she was doing.

But Reid has reasons for her new landscaping. According to HLN, "the homeowner says she's been in the house in Kansas City, Missouri for 33 years now and wasn't gonna mow or water the lawn any more."

According to KCTV, the city has received some complaints about the "beach" ... and Reid is currently dealing with another issue, too.

"Two cement alligators are missing from this yard in Brookside."

"Currently there is a $2,000 reward for the missing alligators."

KSHB posted the story to its Facebook page, where many commenters stuck up for the homeowner.

One commented:

"Who cares. I would rather this than someone who doesn't mow."

Another said: "It's her house, she can do what she wants. If the neighbors don't like it, don't look at it. Maybe she doesn't like your yard, either."

The city codes inspector reportedly went to the home, but found no violations.