Texas flooding washes scary sight onto street

Texas Flooding Washes Large Snake Onto Street
Texas Flooding Washes Large Snake Onto Street

A second straight day of drenching rain flooded the downtown area of Houston, Texas, on Tuesday -- and the flood waters are creating unusual dangers, like a large rat snake that washed up on a Harris County road.

Though rat snakes aren't normally aggressive if left alone, this one appeared to have become rattled by vehicles, shutting down the left lane of the road.

In the video above, you can see people trying to avoid the snake, as the snake strikes at tires driving by.

Sadly, KHOU says the snake did not survive its injuries from being run over several times.

KPRC is reporting there were thousands of lightning strikes Tuesday night, and hundreds more within just a few hours, as the Houston area continues to get slammed with rain on Wednesday for the third straight day. KPRC also notes there are flash flood watches for most of Southeast Texas through Wednesday night.