Son of late snake-handling preacher gets bitten by even bigger snake

Son Of Late Snake-Handling Pastor Also Bitten
Son Of Late Snake-Handling Pastor Also Bitten

The son of a snake-handling preacher who died from a poisonous snake bite just months ago was bitten by an even bigger rattlesnake.

"Cody Coots said he followed his father's advice to not panic,HLN reports. "I was really scared at first, thinking oh God, ya know, Dad just died and I hope and pray that I'm not going to die."

Although Cody admitted to being worried about possible death, he and his family do not believe in medical treatment, and sent the ambulance away.

NPR reports the snake bite caused painful swelling and vomiting, but Cody "told the Lord that [he] wouldn't go to the hospital."

His late father, Jamie Coots, refused medical attention after being bitten by a rattlesnake during a church service just three months ago.

Cody relied on prayers from friends and family and his condition has since improved. According to the Lexington Herald-Leader, this was the sixth bite he's survived.

Cody is a fourth generation snake-handler who took over his father's duty as pastor of the Full Gospel Tabernacle in Jesus Name upon Jamie's death.

A literal interpretation from the book of Mark in the King James Bible is the foundation of the Coots family's use of snakes during sermons.

Last year the National Geographic show "Snake Salvation" featured the Coots family and its spiritual use of snakes.

This bite might have scared Cody but he told WYMT, "It won't stop me from doing what I believe. It didn't shake me. It scared me but it didn't shake me, so we'll still pack them in the Lord's will."

Cody plans on bringing snakes to his services Wednesday.